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Everyone deserves access
to emotional healthcare


The Emotional Health for all Foundation is a coalition between different industry leaders founded with a single premise, the belief that emotional health is for each and every person.

Therefore, we strive to think differently and do things that have never been done before, tackling the massive issue of suicide and mental health in Indonesia. Equipped with expertise in research innovation, strategic implementation, and a mission to reach each and every person – we use creative, research based methods to achieve sustainable and scalable change.

Core Team

Dr. Sandy Onie


Sandersan (Sandy) Onie is an internationally recognized expert in mental health and suicide prevention working, with his work extensively covered in outlets such as Forbes Magazine, Mashable and Kompas. He has published in the area of experimental psychology, innovative methods to understand anxiety, as well as technology and suicide prevention, while currently leading projects across Asia Pacific and advising several foundations and government organizations in Indonesia. He has been invited to give talks in various settings including Google Indonesia, Bosch South East Asia, University of Geneva – CERN collaboration, and Behavioural Insights.

Drg. Jessica Felisa Nilam


Jessica is a medical professional whose passion is to educate and advocate for health and well-being as a whole – physical, mental, and spiritual. She has worked with several minority groups – including marginalised transgender group in Indonesia as well as volunteered in rural Indonesia. Her links and experience with these groups will help gather the people with lived experience we need, a crucial step in making sure our intervention represents and is relevant for everyone.

Stephanie Onie


Stephanie Onie is an account strategist at Google Indonesia who specializes in strategic scaling – that is ensuring that efforts scale in an effective and efficient manner.

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